✥ About ✥

As a young child I already was fascinated by the old, odd and dark. Items with history, items with craftsmanship, items with a story. I could see beauty in items that others deemed ‘useless’ or ‘weird’.

As a makeup artist and photoshoot concept creative, I prefered working in this theme. Odd concepts, baroque inspired outfits, make-up that was just not beauty make-up. Dark and smokey, messy glitter, blurry lipliner. Artistic but still pleasing to the eye. 

This concept led to the creation of Maria Louisa Rose, where I could combine my love for all these standards and create my own little corner of dark beauty.

I chose to call this company Maria Louisa Rose as ‘Maria Louisa’ is an extension of the name ‘Malou’. 

The addition of ‘Rose’ was a logical choice for me  as my family names are ‘Thorn’ (‘Doorn’ in Dutch) and ‘Rosenberg’. Throughout my life, roses have been symbolic for celebration, beauty and mourning. I’m the proud owner of many rose tattoos, jewelry and relics.